Accepting Applications

Berea Public Service District is accepting applications for the following position:
Collections System Maintenance Worker- Entry level position will consist of maintaining the proper operation of the sewer system by CCTV, cleaning and repairing sewer lines, and maintaining right-of-ways. Heavy lifting required. Must have a valid SC drivers license with ability to obtain CDL. Starting salary $11.00/hour. Apply at 54 Old Hunts Bridge Rd May 18, 2016 through June 1, 2016.

Smoke Detector Blitz

On April 16 the Berea Fire Department, Parker Fire Department, and American Red Cross held a Smoke Detector Blitz in the area near City View Baptist Church.  We would like to acknowledge all those who participated and thank City View Baptist Church for hosting the event.  The Berea Fire Department has been focusing on getting as many homes equipped with working smoke detectors as possible and educating our residents about fire safety and the need for an escape plan.

The results of the blitz program are below.

  • Homes entered: 182
  • Homes with NO working detectors: >90
  • Occupants: 539
  • Alarms installed: 551
  • Batteries installed: 27
  • Red Cross Volunteers: 29
  • Fire Department members: 38

This was a very successful collaborative effort of all three agencies.  We look forward to working together on the next blitz.  If you do not have a working smoke detector, or would like to have your detector checked, please contact your fire department.

Berea Fire Department: 864-294-4848

Parker Fire Department: 864-467-4000